cat brings babies to meet woman
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
November 19, 2020 ·  3 min read

Stray Cat Brings All Her Babies To Meet The Woman Who Helped Her

A woman in Quebec, Canada got more than she bargained for when she began feeding a hungry stray cat in her garden over the summer. The feline was pregnant, and soon after birthing her kittens came again to the woman for help. This is their story.

Woman Unintentionally Rescues Stray Cat and Her Kittens

While out in her yard one day, Lisanne found a beautiful, long-haired black cat wandering around in her garden. It was a stray cat, so Lisanne decided to set out some food and water for her. The cat returned the next day, and quickly this became a routine for the pair.


As the days went on, the cat, who she named Usagi, began to trust Lisanne more. Quickly she realized that Usagi was pregnant. Her belly grew and it wasn’t long until the feline gave birth outside.

Even after having her kittens, Usagi continued to visit Lisanne for food and water. One day, however, when Lisanne went out to meet the stray cat, she was greeted by six other fluffy little faces.

Babies In Need

Usagi brought her kittens to Lisanne because they needed help. Each kitten was sick and the stray cat knew that she could not save them alone.


Lisanne coaxed the Usagi and her six-week-old kittens into the house. Next, she called Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue organization. It is a good thing she did, too: The kittens were all suffering from conjunctivitis and were unable to breathe properly.

Each kitten was taken to the vet and soon their condition improved. Slowly, they grew more accustomed to and trusting of humans, and soon their individual personalities shone through.

Lisanne adopted Usagi after also having her treated and spayed by the vet. One of Lisanne’s friends took one of the kittens. 

The remaining five are up for adoption.

The Five Kittens

The five little kittens, all of who are exact black, fluffy replicas of their mother, have really come out of their shells and are full of energy.


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The shelter describes Tyana as the most mature of the five. She is a little shy but very sweet and cuddly. She prefers to watch and observe her siblings or humans first before participating in any activities. 

She enjoys sitting near you while you are on the couch, and though she is a bit timid at first she warms up well with lots of pets and snuggles.


The smallest of the three girls, Tynie is a brave, curious, and highly adventurous little kitten. She is playful with her siblings and with toys, and she absolutely loves belly rubs.


The final sister of the three, Taylor loves to use her voice and loves to play with the other cats. Though she is very curious, she loves routine and is a peaceful little kitten. She gets along well with and is very close to her brother Tales.


Tales is the most playful of all the siblings. He has lots of energy but is also super affectionate. Tito will follow you around all morning in hopes of securing a little treat. He loves playing with other cats, adult ones especially.


Little Tito has a malformed paw and a little strabismus but doesn’t let it stop him. He is super snuggly, loves cuddles, and enjoys being held. He loves to play and follow around his siblings, however, he is a bit less active due to his disability.

Stray Cats With A Happy Tale

Usagi and her kittens are very lucky that they ended up in the backyard of someone as caring as Lisanne. Thanks to her kindness, they will all now live much happier, easier lives.

To learn how to adopt one of Usagi’s kittens, you can read more on Chatons Orphelins Montréal’s Facebook page.

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