Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
December 31, 2023 ·  3 min read

This teen’s performance in the passenger seat of his mom’s car is worthy of Broadway

America’s truly got talent!

Teenager Colin O’Leary impressed and amused people all over the world when a hilarious video of him went viral. The video was also his ticket to becoming an internet sensation. The talented teen could be seen lip-synching to over twenty Broadway songs in his mom’s car, donning a totally goofy costume for each karaoke performance.

The boy lip-synched to several gut-shattering songs that had rocked Broadway. My personal favorite was his mimic of Jennifer Holliday’s “And I’m telling you.” He shook and strained so much, you’d have thought Jennifer’s spirit had possessed him.

He could be seen in the video pulling off a Lion King song with so much emotion. His mimics of Hamilton and several songs from The Phantom of the Opera were literally priceless. The talented teenager shouldn’t just be on Broadway, he should be out touring the world. He was absolutely hilarious.

Colin wasn’t just moving his lips and body in the funniest way possible to match the voices. He wore crazy make-up, wigs, heels, leggings, sunglasses, face-paint, cloaks, anything to pull of the Broadway flair. He certainly has the most important thing; personality. His exaggerated twists and turns and swings were out of this world. He takes karaoke to a whole new level.

Colin’s family members have another incredible talent

… They know how not to crack the slightest smile in the funniest situation. The one thing that stood out in his video was his mom’s unimpressed posture. Carol O’Leary didn’t blink, turn or smile. She just kept her eyes straight on the road as she drove.

Seriously, her stony expression made me think she wasn’t really there at first. She didn’t even seem fazed when his painted foot was coming at her face as he lip-synched to a Lion King song. She’s Colin’s supporting actress. Her stone face adds more fun to the videos. If it’s not her, anyone else driving in her place has to assume the same uninterested role.

A scene in the video featured his grandma, Elaine Corwin driving. She also acted like Colin was in another world and she couldn’t see him. This should be a viral Facebook challenge; Watch Colin’s video and try not to laugh. I already failed because I certainly cracked a rib trying not to.

You wouldn’t be off track to assume that Colin has been a drama king for a very long time. He’s performed his whole life, being a theatre fanatic. One of the scenes showed two of his relatives in the car with Colin and his mom, and they weren’t laughing at all.

They were just busy typing away on their phones, not noticing Colin about to shake his head off lip-synching to “And I’m telling you.” It’s all part of the performance. No one is permitted to laugh.

About Colin

Colin is an art-loving guy. He graduated from Kellenberg Memorial High School in 2016. He’s currently studying Scenic design and Costumes at Pace University, New York. Colin loves art, photography, photo editing, and of course, lip-synching.

He obviously loves Broadway and opera, as seen on his Facebook page. He has an especially strong affection for The Phantom of The Opera. Colin loves to paint and create mind-blowing body effects and scenes with any materials he can find. He stores most of his property in his grandparents’ garage. He has a wild imagination, a perky attitude, and a flair for the dramatic.

Colin’s first video has garnered up to 250K views on YouTube since October, and his second video just recently shot up. It’s already counting over 9,000 views. His mom is still not smiling!