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Julie Hambleton
April 19, 2024 ·  6 min read

Victoria Beckham Has Eaten The Exact Same Meal Every Day For 25 Years

We all know that the secret to a healthy body and maintaining a healthy weight is discipline. It’s in sticking to a nutrition and exercise routine 80% to 90% of the time, while occasionally allowing yourself to splurge a little. In recent guest appearances on The River Cafe’s podcast Table 4, Victoria Beckham discussed some comments that her husband, famous former soccer player David Beckham, made about her personal eating habits. Her husband revealed that she has eaten the same meal for essentially the last 25 years, rarely deviating. Victoria later went on the podcast to discuss that habit.

Victoria Beckham Eats The Same Meal Every Day

Victoria Beckham attends the "Cafe Society" & Opening Gala during the 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival, held at palais du festival, on 11 May 2016 in Cannes France.
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Victoria Beckham has eaten the exact same meal every day for the last 25 years, as revealed by podcast host Ruthie Rogers in a recent conversation with her. This fact was added by Victoria’s husband, David Beckham, who said that his wife had been eating the same food for their entire relationship. He added that it had become a source of dismay for him that she had been eating the same meal for so long. (1)

“She only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables; she will very rarely deviate from that,” David explained. “The only time she’s probably ever shared something that’s been on my plate was actually when she was pregnant with Harper, and it was the most amazing thing… It was one of my favorite evenings. I can’t remember what it was but I know she’s not eaten it since!” (2)

Victoria Beckham has been eating the exact same meal every day for 25 years, and it seems to satisfy her cravings. Her strict menu consists of grilled fish and steamed vegetables with a side of healthy fats. Victoria has revealed this is partially due to the fact that she is an extremely fussy eater. Oil, butter, or sauces never make an appearance on her plate. She said her go-to comfort food is a piece of whole-grain toast with salt on it.

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Her Husband Doesn’t Share Her Same Taste

David Beckham, victoria Beckham arrive at The Fashion Awards 2018 at the Royal Albert Hall on December 10, 2018 in London, England.
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Victoria laughed at the way her husband described her eating habits when it was her turn on the podcast. She also explained to Vogue Australia that she was simply a disciplined eater. She likes eating the way she likes eating because it makes her feel (and look) good.

“I mean, talk about making me sound boring,” she explained to Vogue about David’s comments on her meal choice. “No. What he meant is that he’s never met anyone who’s more disciplined with the way that they eat. I eat lots of healthy fat: fish, avocado, nuts, that sort of thing. I do drink alcohol unless I have a reason not to. I’ll detox from anything for three to six months where I won’t drink.”

David, on the other hand, loves to cook. He gets extreme enjoyment from food and loves to share it with others. When he eats something that he thinks is really, really delicious, he wants to share it with everyone around him. This is why it made him so happy the time Victoria actually did try something off of his plate when she was pregnant with their daughter. He has a particular affinity for Jewish food.

“Every Saturday, when we’d turn up, my gran would have the most amazing chicken noodle soup, with the matzo meal dumplings… That was what I was brought up on. And jellied eels. One of the delights of being from the East End of London is pie, mash and jellied eels and liquor.” David explained.

Is It Healthy To Eat The Same Foods Every Day?

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Eating the same foods every day has both pros and cons. The primary advantage of eating the same foods every day is that it can help you lose weight. When you plan your meals and stick to them, you are more likely to monitor your calorie intake and keep it low. Additionally, when you eat the same thing every day, it saves time since no planning is required and there’s no need to go grocery shopping for new ingredients regularly. (3)

Eating the same foods everyday can provide adequate nutrients for your body, but it’s important to remember that too much of anything is never a healthy choice. Eating the same meals every day can lead to boredom and stress which will ultimately take away from an overall healthy option. High diet variety is key in order to give your body all the necessary nutrients it needs, so eating one type of food day after day isn’t a good idea.

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Variety = Nutrition 

Eating a wide variety of nutritious foods, including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lean protein can help support your overall health.
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Studies have shown that people who eat the same meals every day can experience nutritional deficiencies due to lack of different nutrients. Food habituation also lowers your total calorie intake as you become accustomed to eating the same thing day in and day out. As a result, you will end up consuming fewer calories than what is recommended by health professionals. Additionally, it becomes really boring to eat the same foods everyday and this can put people off from eating healthy meals.

Eating the same meals every day could also create unhealthy eating habits that could be difficult to break. It is important to ensure that if you are eating the same foods on a regular basis, your meals provide adequate nutrition for your body and should include healthier meal components. Additionally, tracking your food on a daily basis can help identify any particular meal that may not be providing enough nutrition or too many calories.

Stick To Healthy Choices 

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Eating the same foods each day could mean missing out on important vitamins and minerals that can be found in other foods. However, making healthy choices and sticking to them throughout the week can ensure one remains healthy. It’s also a great way to save time when it comes to meal prepping and planning meals for the week as you already know what you will be eating each day. While having a healthy food repertoire is important for several reasons, such as nutrition and health benefits, it can become boring when eating similar foods over and over.

In fact, food boredom has been studied in numerous food studies conducted by the food industry. It’s important to have variety in meals to get all of the necessary nutrients and other health benefits that come with that. Despite this, there are still several health benefits that come with sticking to your routine, such as knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body each day. So truthfully, as long as you’re making good choices each day, and not forgetting to occasionally break from routine and enjoy life, you’ll be well on your way to health.

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