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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
July 1, 2024 ·  2 min read

World’s First Hydrogen VTOL Jet Will Only Cost $500 To Refuel

Sirius Aviation, in collaboration with BMW Designworks, has introduced the world’s first hydrogen-powered plane, the luxury VTOL “Sirius CEO Jet”. This aircraft is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, with a full fuel tank refill costing just $500, covering a maximum range of 1,150 miles.1

Collaboration and Unveiling

The Swiss aviation startup partnered with BMW Designworks and the Sauber Group to launch the hydrogen-powered plane. The aircraft made its global debut on June 20th of this year at the MOVE Expo in London. CEO Alexey Popov highlighted the aircraft’s sleek design and advanced features, making it a standout in modern aviation.

Innovative Propulsion System

The Sirius CEO Jet is equipped with a groundbreaking propulsion system powered by 28 ducted fans, which significantly reduce noise emissions. Twenty fans are positioned along the wings, with eight on the canard (a small wing in front of the big wing), each driven by an electric motor. This system allows the aircraft to operate nearly silently, producing noise comparable to a dishwasher from 100 meters away.

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Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL)

One of the key features of the hydrogen-powered plane is its VTOL capability, which offers direct and flexible point-to-point flights. The aircraft can take off vertically by tilting its wings and canard upwards, then transition seamlessly to horizontal flight. This feature enables the jet to land precisely at chosen locations, making it highly versatile.2

Superior Range and Efficiency

The Sirius CEO Jet’s hydrogen-electric propulsion system allows it to travel up to 1,150 miles on a single charge, far exceeding the range of fully electric eVTOLs, which typically max out at around 150 miles. The hydrogen-powered plane also boasts a pressurized cabin, allowing it to fly at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet and reach a cruise speed of 323 mph.

Passenger Comfort and Safety

The jet is designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind. It features an Emergency Parachute System that automatically deploys in critical emergencies, enhancing passenger confidence. The interior is spacious, offering ample legroom and a side table for each passenger, ensuring a comfortable flying experience.

Future Plans

Sirius Aviation plans to introduce two zero-emission aircraft configurations by 2025: the Sirius CEO-Jet for private use, seating three passengers, and the Sirius Adventure Jet for commercial use, accommodating five passengers and capable of traveling up to 650 miles. Both models emphasize sustainability and luxury, aiming to revolutionize air travel.


The Sirius CEO Jet represents a significant advancement in hydrogen-powered plane technology, combining environmental sustainability with cost efficiency and passenger comfort. With its innovative hydrogen-electric propulsion system and VTOL capabilities, it promises to set new standards in the aviation industry. The introduction of such a groundbreaking aircraft marks a new era in air travel, potentially making sustainable aviation a reality.

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