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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
January 3, 2024 ·  4 min read

Vacation in a Pioneer-Styled Covered Wagon at One of These Beautiful Campsites

If you’re a lover of outdoor getaways, you’re no stranger to cottages or camping. There’s something so satisfying to walk outside your bedroom and be greeted by nature, whether it’s a forest, a lake, or a mountain. It’s all about “roughing it” and returning to a simpler place, away from the stresses of the city and modern life. How about a covered wagon campground?

And if you love that, you are probably going to love the opportunity to vacation in an old-fashioned Conestoga covered wagon. You get all the charm and appeal of the time period without the hardships like cholera, a sick ox, or yellow fever. 

Staying in Pioneer “Oregon Trail” Wagons in the 21st Century 

If you enjoy history, Little House on the Prairie, or the 8-bit Oregon Trail game, look out for these wagons. They are becoming available at resorts and campsites throughout the United States, from the dry plains of Utah to the mountain range outside New York.  

Plus, the wagons are beautiful and quaint with its design based on the 19th century. Worry not if you’re not a fan of “roughing it”. The wagons have all the perks of the 21st century, including private bathrooms and perhaps the most vital asset for a summer vacation: air conditioning. So if you prefer glamping (a more luxurious and comfortable form of camping) more than sleeping-on-the-ground camping, this could be the ideal spot for you! 

Here are the Top Locations for Pioneer-Styled Wagon “Glamping” 

Smokey Hollow Campground 

If you prefer a little more camping to your glamping, check out this campground located in Wisconsin. It’s also a more affordable option.  

With the beautiful hooded wagon that can host up to five guests, comes an array of features. This includes a microwave, a coffee pot, a refrigerator, and other appliances. Outside, the wagon is a large wooden deck with a little porch, a picnic table with an umbrella, and a charcoal grill.  

Smokey Hollow Campground makes a great experience for more cushioned camping while still relishing the ruggedness of the outdoors.  

Smokey Hollow Campground

Horse Cave KAO 

If you enjoy exploring caves, put Kentucky on your bucket list. Horse Cave KOA is located by one of the “most significant cave regions on the planet”. Spend the day exploring the Mammoth Cave National Park nearby. Then, rest in a cozy wagon at night for a truly outdoorsy experience. 

This site’s wagons can sleep up to four people, linens included! Although this makes the location ideal for small families, pets are not allowed.  

Conestoga Wagons are also available at other (but not all) KAO locations including:

Deleware Water Gap / Pocono Mountain KOA Holiday (PA)
Oregon Dunes KOA HOliday (OR)
Winthrop / N. Cascades National Park KOA (WA)

Horse cave KAO

Capitol Reef Resort 

If you’re interested in a gorgeous view outside your pioneer wagon, look into the Capitol Reef Resort. It’s surrounded by the red-rock of one of Utah’s most popular parks.  

Here you can choose to stay in the main lodge, a luxury teepee, a cabin, or of course, the covered wagon, which contains many impressive features. For starters, it is water-resistant, air-conditioned, and large enough for six guests. They also provide private bathrooms and a fire pit.  

It’s hard to beat the stunning view, especially when it comes with such comfortable glamping options. 

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Capitol Reef Resort

Roscoe Campsite Park  

For those on the East Coast, look no farther than the stunning mountains around the Catskills. Roscoe Campsite Park offers multiple types of accommodations, but what’s notable are the beautiful covered wagons. Each one sleeps up to four people, and they line the banks of the Beaverkill River. 

If you love fishing, this site is the way to go! Plus, you can explore the surrounding wilderness and the small town of Roscoe, NY, before tucking into the wagon for the night. Unless of course, you’d rather go night fishing. 

Roscoe Campsite Park

Zion Wildflower Resort 

This resort is one of the newest glamping spots and it’s located close to the Zion National Park. If you love nature and the feel of pioneer days, but would rather keep the modern comforts of home, this is the place for you. Your wagon comes equipped with a fire pit, free bike rentals, and a very vital feature called the smores kit. 

Here’s an extra perk of Zion Wildflower Resort: Pets are welcome. [1] 

Zion Wildflower Resort

Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodgings 

These large Conestoga wagons can host up to six people, and smaller ones can host four. Both sizes come with a fire pit and a grill, and a picnic table in the outdoor area. Inside contains a king-sized bed, bunk beds, and a little dining area that includes heating, air conditioning, a microwave, a fridge, and a Keurig coffee maker. 

Surrounded by trees and wildlife, at Yosemite Pines, you can get a feel for the old days while still enjoying on-site swimming pools and volleyball courts. [2] 

Yosemite Pines Conestoga Wagon

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