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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
November 3, 2020 ·  4 min read

You Can Turn Your Backyard Into a Winter Oasis With This Giant Outdoor Bubble Tent

There is no doubt that people will have to abide to the same precautions they’ve been practicing since March going into December. It’s going to be difficult this year as people are obligated to stay inside. People are desperately searching for answers this winter. However, there is a company that is making it easier to socialize this holiday season. Big bubble tents could be the thing that saves your outdoor festivities!

A Big Bubble Tent Is Going To Help?

It does seem like a ridiculous idea, however, the reviews say otherwise. The design for this big bubble tent is meant for outdoor socializing. The tent is 10’x10’x7’H and about 18.7 lbs in weight. There is no assembly necessary, just open up the tent and pop it up. The big bubble tent is equipped with a durable super clear PVC that makes up the structure. Purposefully designed to be see-through as to social-distance and remain shielded from germs. You can hold about 4-6 people inside the large space of the tent. Allowing you to enjoy the garden, backyards, traveling, parties, picnics or meetings. (1)

The company, Alvantor, mentions that this tent is designed for any scenario. You can use it for outdoor seating at restaurants, at salons, and for other personal uses. It’s an extremely versatile product that has few limits. The massive space inside allows for patio furniture and more depending on the size of the tent you order. These big bubble tents offer warmth retention, water-proof, wind-resistant PVC. Creating the perfect relaxing outdoor space for your family during rainy, snowy, and windy days.

Alvantor 10’x10′ Gazebo Bubble Style Pop Up – Beige

Additionally, the setting up process takes virtually no time at all. Mentioned before, this big bubble tent requires no assembly whatsoever. Alvantor has designed the tent with fiberglass ribs which allow the tent to pop up in mere seconds. The frame is supported by upgraded plastic covers that reinforces the strength and sturdiness of the tent. When you’re done, follow the simple folding pattern and put it back in the carrying bag. (1)

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Does It Get Too Hot?

One of the major questions asked is how hot does the big bubble tent get during a snowstorm or rain? Amazingly enough, the tent is able to remain at a comfortable temperature even without a heater inside. At the top of the tent resides two windows to provide ventilation. In addition, there are two extra top covers that protect against snow and rain. The big bubble tent also comes with two large entrance doors that are double-sided silicone zippers. This allows for easy access inside and out without needing anyone to help you. (1)

Alvantor 10’x10′ Gazebo Bubble Style Pop Up

If you’re really concerned with the weight of the snow or rain, the tent has detachable support poles. You can use these poles on top to help prevent the big bubble tent from collapsing from heavy amounts of rain. The tent also comes with 6 elongated sandbags, 12 mounting stakes, and 12 guylines for additional stability. Extra hooks are provided for your coats, bags, and any other items you bring inside. Alvantor has truly thought of every single outdoor scenario possible! (1)

Some of the reviews say that the bubble tent was so warm that they had to take off clothes to get comfortable. Sitting in t-shirts while the outside temperature was a low 40 degrees. However, bringing in a heater might prove useful.

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Big Bubble Tent Too Good To Be True?

Alvantor is a U.S. based company and has a registered trademark. You can purchase these big bubble tents from places like Walmart or Amazon and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Luckily, this company provides fast customer service for those who have questions or problems with the product. Their actual headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA. This product also has a utility and design patent. This means that they can sue anybody that copies or the big bubble tent. (1)

It seems that this product does well when there aren’t extreme weather conditions outside. Leaving it up year-round might actually do more harm than good for the bubble tent. A lot of people have said that it’s either wind or heat that give them the most problems. A person said in a review that if you do bring in a heater be careful where you place it. The PVC can apparently become soft or warped when exposed to hot temperatures over a long period of time. Other than that the tent should be able to satisfy most of your outdoor needs during the cold months.

Just because we have to continue to do safety precautions doesn’t mean we can’t get creative this year for the holidays. Big bubble tents are just the beginning of people’s problem solving this winter on how to have fun. Can you imagine hosting a hot chocolate party inside your bubble tent as the snow falls around you? Maybe you’ll stargaze one of these chilly nights with your favorite person. The potential is limitless with owning your own personal bubble for the outdoors.

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