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June 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

McDonald’s Employee Reveals What They Do When a Customer Asks for Fresh Fries

We’ve all been there: you’re craving a quick snack and you want some hot, crispy fries from McDonald’s. However, what happens behind the counter when you request fresh fries might surprise you. TikTok and other social media platforms have recently exposed some less-than-fresh practices at the fast-food giant.

TikTok Revelations: The Viral Trend

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Recently, TikTok has become a hotspot for fast-food workers revealing industry secrets. One such revelation comes from a McDonald’s employee who showed what happens when customers ask for fresh fries. Instead of making a new batch, the employee scoops the pre-cooked fries from the warmer and briefly reheats them in the fryer.1 This practice aims to make the fries hot and crispy without the extra effort of cooking a fresh batch.

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Mixed Reactions from Customers

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The TikTok video, which has gone viral with millions of views, has sparked mixed reactions among viewers. Some customers express indifference, noting that they only care about receiving hot fries, not necessarily fresh ones. For instance, one user commented, “As long as they’re hot, I’m happy,” while another stated, “I’ve worked there and done this myself”.

Health and Taste Concerns

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While some customers are fine with reheated fries, others express health and taste concerns. Reheating fries can sometimes result in uneven heating, potentially leading to cold spots or overcooked areas. Additionally, reheating can affect the texture and flavor, making the fries less enjoyable.2 Some customers have even reported adverse reactions, leading them to avoid McDonald’s fries altogether.

The Insider’s Perspective

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Fast-food workers from other chains have confirmed that this practice is not unique to McDonald’s. Employees from Burger King, Wendy’s, and Cane’s have admitted to reheating fries instead of making new ones. This method saves time and resources, but it can be seen as a disservice to customers expecting freshly cooked food.

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How to Ensure Fresh Fries

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If you want to guarantee fresh fries, there’s a simple trick: ask for fries with no salt. This request forces the staff to cook a new batch since the pre-cooked fries are already salted. You can then add salt to taste once you receive your fresh, hot fries. This method has been shared by many savvy customers and even confirmed by McDonald’s employees as an effective way to get freshly cooked fries.

The Customer’s Right

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Some customers argue that they shouldn’t have to resort to special requests to get fresh food. They believe that fast-food establishments should serve fresh fries by default, given that customers are paying for the product. This perspective highlights a broader issue of customer service and quality control within the fast-food industry.


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While McDonald’s fries are famed for their taste and texture, the process behind serving “fresh” fries might not always meet customer expectations. By understanding the practices revealed by employees and using tips like requesting no-salt fries, you can enhance your fast-food experience. However, it’s also essential for fast-food chains to address these concerns and ensure they meet customer expectations consistently.

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