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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
March 3, 2020 ·  3 min read

Find your inner Tarzan by sleeping in the trees in these awesome raindrop-shaped tents

If you’re a lover of nature, you probably always have an overwhelming thirst to be outdoors and connect with the environment. It’s a form of therapy and relaxation where all you have to do is thrive in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. You can also take it up a notch by sleeping in the trees, in a raindrop-shaped tent that would let you sway with the winds and connect with your wind spirit (I believe in this) [1]. However, this would require you to take a vacation to the Netherlands, but it would completely worth it.

The tent was designed by a Dutch architect, Dré Wapenaar in 1998. He created them to ease the lives of the Road Alert Group in England, a group of tree-sitting activists who protest against deforestation by chaining themselves to trees about to be cut down. Unfortunately, the project didn’t push through.

 “The story of my tents as they relate to campsites, however, started with the Treetents which were originally designed for the Road Alert Group in England,” Wapenaar said. “This group of activists fights against the excessive construction of highways through forests. During their protest, they cover themselves and hide and live in the trees to fight as long as possible against the rushing violence of the chain sawers. The Tree tents would provide a comfortable place for them to stay during their habitation of the forest and prevent the trees from being cut down. The project never happened. Before I finished it, a representative from a campsite saw the drawings of the TREETENTS and convinced me to sell them this project. It was a huge success, and is still in use today.”

You can’t exactly buy the tree tents in any physical or online store, but they are available for rent at the Hertshoorn Campgrounds in the Netherlands. They are available for booking for 5 months of the year at €59 (65 USD) per night.

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Do something different to unwind

The scenery at the Hertshoorn grounds is to die for. Tall, woody trees surrounded by lush grasses and an endless span of beautiful land. The trees are maintained and sprayed for bugs and crawlers that could be a problem for the guests. 

Each tent is designed with two floors separated by a wall of polyester. The ground floor can sleep two adults and two children while the top floor is a sort of balcony for the kids. The tent is 13 feet high and 9 feet in diameter at the widest chord of the base. It’s supported all around by a raindrop-shaped steel frame and is fastened to the tree at the top and bottom by tight metal belts.

 The tent made of strong, wear-resistant polyester material. The interior is fitted with a spacious hardwood sleeping platform and a large round mattress capable of sleeping 4. You can look out and enjoy the scenery from two transparent windows on the sides of the tent.

The only way to get in and out is through a ladder, so you’d have to make sure the ladder is secured at all times (even though the staff is always available to help).

If you need a break from your everyday routine and want to try something different for a vacation, a couple of nights sleeping in a tree might just be the right play for you. 

Raindrop Shaped Tree Tents Let You Sleep In The Trees - Dew Drop TreeTents by Dré Wapenaar

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