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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
November 18, 2020 · 4 min read

This Self-Inflating Caravan Sleeps 6 and Fits a Toilet, Couch, and Kitchen

The holiday season is upon us and people are frantically thinking of gift ideas this year. A lot of people got into the spirit of the outdoors for 2020. Man of us decided to get into camping. Additionally, there’s even been a lot of inventive camping products lately. However, If you’re looking for great gift ideas, this self-inflating caravan might just be what you seek (even if that gift is for yourself).

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The Self-Inflating Caravan!

Enter Opus Camper, the company redefining the way people camp. They have invented the most convenient set-up for outdoor fun for just about anywhere you could go. Taking about 90 seconds to set-up, the self-inflating caravan transforms itself into a full-sized camper- 8 ft tall, and 121 sq ft. This caravan can accommodate 6 comfortably. However, the main feature is the air technology used to inflate the caravan. The inflation system runs off the 12v electric air compressor that is installed in the OP LITE. This connects to your control panel so setup is as easy as a push of a button. (1)

In addition, there’s plenty of ample space for everything else you’ll need for camping. This self-inflating caravan features a cozy dinette, a couch, two double beds, a portable toilet, a sink, a stove, and a small fridge. Furthermore, if you’re not convinced yet, you can hook up running water, electric heat, and air conditioning to the caravan. (1)

Another awesome feature about this self-inflating caravan is that practically any car can tow this camper around. Although the caravan seems large, there is no headache when you need to fold it back down. The camper the caravan folds into can store all of your belongings until you reach your destination. Additionally, the self-inflating caravan comes with racks for outdoor equipment. This includes kayaks, boats, bikes, and other fun things you want to take with you. (1)

Different Styles Of Self-Inflating Caravans

Opus Camper has more than just one style of caravan to choose from. If you go to their website, you can see the models range in different prices. Each of these models comes with it’s own unique features with the same concept in mind.

The one featured here is the OP4 and it’s probably the most sought after caravan since it has the storage and space for a big camping trip. Including all of the previously mentioned features from before. (2)

If you are looking for something a little more compact for lighter camping trips, the OP LITE would be perfect. This model is a two-person self-inflating caravan that has less of the bells and whistles of the first model. This design is meant for weekend campers that want to get away for a little while to enjoy the outdoors. Or if you wanted a 2-sleeper model with a built-in shower, the OP2 model is also a great selection. This model is meant for 2 people but has the capacity to fit up to 4. (3,4)

The OP15 model is the perfect long term camper for long camping trips. Allowing up to 4 people inside this luxurious, bamboo-lined camper. There is no inflation needed. Providing a solid and durable shell with all of the storage as well as space you could need. Furthermore, this design adopts multiple features from other models to make the camping experience enjoyable. (5)

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Can I Go Camping In The Winter?

The materials used to craft these self-inflating caravans are meant to last. The Opus Camper company has stress-tested their products to endure any kind of elemental forces. The OP15 model doesn’t have to worry about nature doing any damage to the caravan. The reason is that it’s designed as an actual camper. However, the OP LITE model is capable of withstanding high-velocity winds, harsh rain, as well as random punctures. The company even stress tested the material by running a truck over it. (6)

The camper itself can also go off-roading using a truck or a jeep. Built with shock-absorbing arms and all-terrain tires, you can virtually anywhere you want. In addition, the OP LITE model is built with a port for adding a solar panel during extended camping trips. All self-inflating caravans have an extended covering for the outdoor kitchen too. In case of harsh weather, the self-inflating caravan can accommodate most needs in an emergency. Every little detail has been taken into consideration. The Opus Camper company strives for the maximum amount of comfort when camping.

You will never need to worry about what to bring because the Opus Camper has everything you need! What are you waiting for? You should be planning your next big camping adventure in your new self-inflating caravan!

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