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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
December 28, 2023 ·  7 min read

5 Things Every Woman Deserves In a Relationship

We all go into relationships for different reasons. Once you’re committed to someone for any frame of time, you deserve to experience true happiness from the intimacy that comes with being attached, mentally, and physically, to someone else. If you think about it, relationships are a big deal. Two people with different mindsets and characters come together and try to build a union. It’s beautiful and amazing, and while it requires a lot of effort to work, it shouldn’t be all struggles and compromise.

Compromise is necessary to an extent in every relationship, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your happiness. Don’t settle for less because you’re trying to “find a middle ground to make things work.” We often mistake the idea of making things work with pushing them despite the blaring odds. Relationships can encounter so many struggles that they become tasteless and lackluster, devoid of happiness or pleasure, and yet the partners continue to “compromise”.

Everyone deserves to be happy in their relationships, but some needs are specific to each gender. Traditionally, society propels the idea that women have to put in more work in a relationship, which always tips the balance before things even get started. She’s expected to come up with numerous ways to “keep her man”. This mentality needs put to rest because both partners must contribute equally before any relationship can work. No one should expect the other to go above and beyond just to “keep them”. You owe your partner trust and fidelity and staying faithful is your obligation.

People have different ways of expressing and understanding love, but there are a few things that remain the same regardless of personal ideologies. Below are 5 things every woman wants and deserves in a relationship:

She deserves safety and security

Safety isn’t all about taking her into your more secure home or providing her with financial security. Any woman can provide these things for herself before going into a relationship. Safety in this context is more mental and emotional. She deserves to be with someone she knows will never hurt her or let any harm come to her. She wants you to prove that you are ready to be a huge part of her support system.

When her insecurities and fears kick in, you are the knight in shining armor that swoops in and shoves them away. She wants someone who will block the toxicity of society by letting her know how amazing she is. Society’s standards of beauty, success, and happiness are often too high and unrealistic, and she wants someone who will hold her hand while she moves into a frame of mind where these concepts are invalidated.

Make your heart her safe haven. Let her know that no matter what she goes through in life, she’ll always have you to lean and depend on. She can look to you to protect and keep her safe from the harsh realities of life.

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She deserves a best friend

Even if she already has a best friend, who says you can’t be one too? A best friend is someone who knows you better than anyone else. This is why some people often refer to their family members as best friends because they know you better than even you know yourself, and they are fully involved in your life.

Your best friend is someone you completely associate yourself with, and it’s always so beautiful to be each other’s best friends in a relationship. A woman wants her man to be the person who accepts her entirely for who she is. He’s never judgmental or unnecessarily critical but will always tell her the truth for her own good. She wants him to be the person she never has to pretend around. She may be a strong woman, but when things get too tough for her, she can have a good cry on his shoulder and regroup. 

She deserves a person with whom she can never keep any secrets. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about because they accept everything about you. It doesn’t matter what you’re passing through in life – they will stay until the end. A loving best friend makes you love yourself more, and every woman deserves this in her relationship.

She deserves to feel appreciated

For the female mind, appreciation is extremely important and it’s one of those little things that make her world go round. Sure, men love it too, but it’s on a whole other dimension for women. She wants those cute little signs that show you appreciate her efforts and think of her as indispensable. She wants to feel like she’s a grounded part of your life. She wants to know that you see her and you’re thankful that she’s yours. Women love that stuff, trust me.

When she gets all dolled up for you, say something like “Wow, Babe! You look amazing. I love the outfit!” When cooks dinner, even if it’s terrible, let her know you appreciate the effort. When she listens to you go on and on about something for hours, touch her cheek and tell her you appreciate her just listening. Very few things would make a woman’s heart race like sweet gestures and words of application do – actions that mean someone SEES her.

However, there are many ways of expressing appreciation, especially for people who are not good with words. As long as she gets the message, you’re right on track.

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Trust, trust, and trust again

Trust is the driving force of every relationship, contrary to the general conception that loves moves everything forward. You can love someone and still be unable to trust them, and this will cause you to be in a relationship with one foot out the door at all times. A woman will guard her heart and keep you at an arm’s length if you give her untrustworthy vibes. She won’t share certain things with you and will always be convinced you’re doing something shady behind her back.

Trust isn’t merely about keeping her secrets. She wants to believe that you’ll stay faithful to her – if it’s not an open relationship. She wants to know that you belong solely to her. When you take trips or go out at night with your crew, she won’t worry about you getting entangled with anyone else because she knows the kind of man she has. Every woman deserves this peace of mind.

She also wants you to trust her in the same light. You may have dealt with broken trust in the past, but this is now and you are looking to the future with another person. Do not let the events of the past prevent you from being truly happy. Trust your woman, lay your insecurities to rest, and never make her feel doubted. There’s always a possibility that things may go wrong, but as long as they haven’t, keep an open mind about the one you love.

Show her you desire her, show her you love her

Don’t just go saying the words, “I love you.” Show her. A man who desires a woman for a night and one who wants her for a lifetime can both easily say, “I love you.” The words count, of course, but the actions matter more. It’s not just about buying her gifts and taking her on expensive dates and vacations (although these things actually count). It’s your genuine expression when you see her, your respect for her feelings, your eagerness to make her happy, the way you hold and cuddle her, and just how much you desire to be with her.

Women want to feel wanted. She wants to know that someone somewhere is thinking of her always. She wants to feel desired. Women deal with a lot of insecurities and there’s not always anything we can do to stop them. Let your woman know that she’s the most beautiful for you. Let her know that you love every inch of her body and wouldn’t want to change it a bit. If she wants to improve on herself, support her, and appreciate her efforts. Kiss her before she sleeps and when she wakes up, treat her tenderly and lovingly. Surprise her once in a while and let her know how much effort she’s worth.

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