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February 16, 2024 ·  3 min read

10 of the Most Gorgeous Body-Positive ‘Plus Size’ Models

The fashion industry isn’t the most body-positive industry out there; they aren’t really generous to anyone over a size 2. In fact, several brands use the term ‘plus-size’ to describe anyone over a size 6, which seems ridiculous. Magazines will have you thinking dressing as a plus-size woman is a competitive sport, with the amount of rules they instate. It’s as though life as a plus-size woman is a series of do’s and don’ts.

10 Gorgeous Plus-Size Models

These body-positive women could not care less about avoiding horizontal stripes, and body-con dresses. They fearlessly pose in front of cameras, and march across runways, all the while defying expectations, and demanding representation of fuller busts, thicker thighs, and wider hips!

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1. Candice Huffine

Credit: Instagram

Candice was signed as a plus-size model when she was merely a size 6, and since then has grown into a size 12. Her impressive body of work includes features in Harper’s Bazaar, photographs by Karl Lagerfeld, and campaigns for Lane Bryant, Bloomingdale’s, and Target.  She rose into international stardom after posing on the cover of Italian Vogue, wearing nothing but a black bra corset!

2. Bishamber Das

Credit: Instagram

Bishamber Das is making history as Britain’s first Asian plus-size model, after winning the international title of Miss India Europe in 2014. She has appeared in campaigns for Yours Clothing and Nubian Beauty.

3. Jade Allwaze

Credit: Instagram

Jade’s intoxicating green eyes, will leave you allwaze staring, no doubt! This bold, beauty has walked in New York Fashion Week, and Full Figured Fashion Week.

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4. Andrea Michelle

Credit: Instagram

Andrea Michelle looks like no one you’ve ever seen before, with a face full of freckles and gorgeous red hair.  She has creatively designed her own photo shoots, and walked in multiple runway shows.

5. Katie Knowles

Credit: Instagram

Katie Knowles is breaking all kinds of barriers as a disabled, plus-size model. Diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a rare condition that causes the disks in the spinal cord to degenerate, Katie was told she would never walk again at age 15. Now able to walk with limited mobility, Katie stars in glamorous bridal shoots as well as other modeling projects.

6. Jezra M

Credit: Instagram

Jezra M. is a fearless body-positive blogger, with strong messages about, self-love, self-awareness, and self-confidence. She has been featured in Refinery 29, and campaigns for AFRO PUNK and Forever 21.

7. Jessica Milagros

Credit: Instagram

Jessica Milagros has no shame flaunting her curves, and brings the Puerto Rican community great pride with her striking success as a model. She has been featured in Plus Model Magazine, and several editorial campaigns, most notably Ashley Stewart.  

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8. Katya Zharkova

Credit: Instagram

Katya Zharkova is considered the first plus-size model of Belarus, and is also the first plus-sized woman to appear in Cosmopolitan Russia. She is a strong advocate for health and wellness in young women, and continuously challenges the standards of ‘plus-size’ beauty with her blog and TV presence.

9. Olivia Campbell

Credit: Instagram

Olivia has accumulated an enormous fan base on social media, with her stunning photographs, and attractive personality. She has modeled for various brands including Yours Clothing and Anna Scholz.

10. Philomena Kwao

Credit: Instagram

Philomena Kwao rebukes the old stereotype that models aren’t smart. With an MSc in Health Management from Imperial College in London, Philomena also dazzles in the groundbreaking 2016 #SwimSexy campaign for Sports Illustrated. Since then she has been featured in Italian Vogue, Paper Magazine, and Vice.

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