deer sneaks up behind hunter
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
November 11, 2020 ·  2 min read

Incredible moment stag sneaks up to clueless wildlife photographer

Wildlife photographers spend hours camped outside waiting for animals to get close enough to them for the perfect shot. Imagine how it must feel to be this one who missed the perfect shot of a stag that snuck right up behind him. (1)

Stag Sneaks Up On Unsuspecting Photographer

Wildlife photographer Roger Clark was out in Bushy Park in west London hoping to catch some images of deer as they come to the end of their rutting season. Across a field, he noticed another photographer with his camera on a tripod, intently focused on capturing a few deer in the ferns ahead of him. (1)

Credit: Solent/Richard Clark
Image Credit: Solent/Richard Clark

What the man didn’t notice was the stag that had snuck up behind him. The male deer was so close to the photographer that he could almost nudge him with his nose. (1)

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“It looked like the stag was nuzzled up to pick a pocket from his jeans so I took a photo as it looked comical,explains Clark. “A few seconds later the deer backed off and with those large beautiful shiny eyes seemed to look at the photographer and say ‘your model is right behind you! Am I not good enough for you?” (1)

Clark noted that it was rather strange that the animal would get so close. What was even more strange, however, was that the photographer in the photograph never even knew he was there. (1)

“The photographer never did realise the opportunity he missed and the red deer and I collectively gave up and wandered off in different directions.” (1)

I’m sure whoever that photographer is, he will be highly frustrated with himself when he sees these photos. (1)

Credit: Solent/Richard Clark
Image Credit: Solent/Richard Clark

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Comedy in the Wild

As already stated, photographers will go to great lengths to get the shot they want. Photographing wild animals, however, can be highly unpredictable. Sometimes you come away with nothing, but then others you come with such a perfectly-timed photo that you can’t believe your luck.

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